New energy knowledge of pv junction box


The pv junction box is a connector between the solar cell phalanx composed of solar cell modules and the solar charging control device. Is a collection of electrical design, mechanical design and material science combined cross-field comprehensive design. The junction box of solar cell module is very important in the composition of solar cell. Solar pv junction box is divided into crystal silicon junction box, amorphous silicon junction box, curtain wall junction box, explosion-proof junction box, etc.

New energy knowledge of pv junction box

Composition of pv junction box

The pv junction box consists of a box body, a cable and a connector.

Box body includes: bottom of box (including copper terminal or plastic terminal), box cover, diode;

Cables can be divided into 1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4MM2 and 6MM2, which are commonly used.

There are two types of connectors: MC3 and MC4.

Diode models: 10A10, 10SQ050, 12SQ045, PV1545, PV1645, SR20200, etc.

Diode encapsulation comes in two forms: r-6 SR 263

Technical specifications of pv junction box

Maximum operating current is 16A

Maximum pressure 1000V

Use the temperature - 40 ~ 90 ℃

Maximum working humidity: 5% ~ 95%(no condensation)

Waterproof grade IP65

Connection wire specification 4mm

Main functional features of pv junction box

The power of the pv junction box was tested under standard conditions: temperature 25, AM1.5, 1000W/M2. I'll call it WP, or I'll call it W. The power tested under this standard is called nominal power.



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