PV Junction Box connection 4Rail,6Diodes,TUVUL(FT-001)


High current and voltage carrying capacity.

Simple, quick and safe effective field assembly.

The outer cover has the capacity of anti-aging and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

It can be used in the outdoor iron environment.

6 diodes are paralleled into 2 rows, the particular design can be used in a high-power battery board, it can reduce the temperature of the box body.



Number of terminals


Number of diodes


Cable Spec


Connection method





Power Range


Rated current


Rated Voltage


Operating Temperature

-40℃ to 85℃

Protection Degree


Protection Class

Class II

Why do you need a PV Junction Box connection?

The PV Junction Box connection has a bypass diode that allows power to flow in one direction and prevents it from being fed back to the panel.

Product advantages include:

Double-sided heat dissipation for maximum current and overall efficiency.

The thin, compact design and convenient layout simplify the installation process.

IP68 protection ensures consistent, long-lasting performance.

Enhanced connector security and strength to minimize the risk of connectivity issues.

Steps to link the PV Junction Box connection:

First, unscrew the 4 screws and open the junction box. Inside, you will find more screws than you think. Just unscrew the two screws. These are the lower left and lower right corners, and there should be a sign below.

Do not disconnect the mounting and diode connection screws.

Route the wires through the conduit into the junction box or directly through the cable using the rain cable connector.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life:

The tinned copper ribbon should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, where should be no acid, alkali, or harmful gas and the indoor relative humidity should not exceed 60%. Place it horizontally while stacking and avoid the carton extrusion, meanwhile, the stacking quantity of the same product should
not exceed five layers or 1 ton. The shelf life can be up to six months since the production date.




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