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On August 8, 2020, a new series of high-power modules developed by Suntech officially launched on the market. This is another masterpiece of Suntech to meet the high-energy density competition of modules, opening a new era of ultra-high-performance photovoltaic products.

Suntech's new generation of high-power modules includes highly forward-looking heterojunction modules and Ultra series of module products. The Ultra series includes three sub-series products of Ultra S, Ultra V, and Ultra X, covering the full range of 166, 182, and 210mm. The size of silicon wafer is equipped with mainstream technologies in the industry such as half-chip, multi-bus grid, and double-sided. The output power is up to 605W+, and the module conversion efficiency is up to 21.3%. Suntech’s new product development team takes customer needs as the final foothold. While ensuring the best component reliability, the user-friendly component structure reduces the weight by more than 1/5 compared with mainstream products with the same specifications in the market, breaking through the ultra-high technical barriers to power and light weight save customers more electricity costs.

Suntech Heterojunction Modules: HJT new technological innovation, extreme performance and higher efficiency

Suntech heterojunction modules are based on N-type HJT high-efficiency battery design, with a battery conversion efficiency of 24%, which is more than 1% higher than PERC batteries. The product has an ultra-high conversion efficiency of up to 21.4%, enabling an output power of 435W. It is expected that mass production of 158.75mm heterojunction modules can be achieved in the fourth quarter of 2020. Later, HJT cells of larger size will be upgraded to achieve higher product power output and efficiency.

The Pmax temperature coefficient of Suntech heterojunction modules is only -0.268%/℃, which can be reduced by about 40% compared with traditional crystalline silicon modules. In high temperature environments, it can increase power generation by 10-15% compared with conventional PERC modules. In addition, Suntech heterojunction modules adopt a double-sided design with a double-sided ratio of up to 90%. The back of the module can increase power generation by up to 30%, bringing customers higher power generation revenue.

Due to the use of N-type silicon wafers, the light-induced attenuation rate can be greatly reduced, and the power attenuation of the modules in the first year is only 1.5%. Suntech also provides a 30-year linear power warranty for dual glass products to ensure the continuous and stable power generation of the modules. According to calculations, taking the 100MW project in the Middle East as an example, the use of Suntech heterojunction 435W modules is expected to reduce the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour (LCOE) by more than 4% compared with conventional mono PERC half-cell 405W modules.

Ultra V: Create a milestone belonging to V and embark on a new journey of high energy density

Suntech’s Ultra V module products are based on 182mm large-size silicon wafers. At the same time, the module layout is deeply optimized, and the high-density packaging technology is adopted to reduce the spacing between the cells, increase the effective power generation area of the module, and further improve the module energy density, and the module conversion efficiency can be reached 21.3%. Equipped with mature half-cell and multi-bus grid technology, selected flexible special-shaped ribbons and high-reflective grid film backplanes and other auxiliary materials to improve light utilization and achieve a substantial increase in module power, up to 590W.

Suntech's specially optimized module structure design has an exclusive patent. The weight of the 72-version module is about 24.4KG. Compared with the mainstream products of the same specification in the market, the weight is reduced by 15% while the mechanical load capacity is greatly improved. When loading +5400/-2400Pa, the maximum stress of the module structure is reduced by 23% compared with the conventional structure design, and the maximum deformation is reduced by 37% compared with the conventional structure, which can effectively avoid the risk of hidden cracks and improve the reliability of the module.

Suntech Ultra V simultaneously launched a double-sided version. The double-sided product adopts 2.0mm thick glass on the front and 1.6mm thick glass on the back. Compared with conventional double-glass products, it can reduce the weight of components while ensuring load. In addition to double glass packaging, it can also be equipped with a transparent backplane according to the actual situation of the project. It not only has ultra-high light transmittance and excellent anti-PID performance, but also can effectively reduce weight by more than 30% compared with double glass components, compatible with tracking support, effectively reduce the cost of electricity.

Suntech's Ultra V product version is more compatible with the size of container transportation, making the container space utilization rate as high as 83.2%. Compared with conventional products of the same power, the transportation cost is reduced by 5%, the land cost is saved by 5.4%, the BOS cost is effectively controlled, and the electricity cost is reduced by 2.6-2.8%, which can provide customers with a higher return on investment.

Ultra X: With unlimited imagination of X, discover new possibilities for high-power components

Suntech's Ultra X products use 210mm large-size silicon wafers and are designed with PERC monocrystalline cells. Compared with conventional size products, the light-receiving area increases by 80.5%. At the same time, the use of high-density packaging technology reduces the spacing between the cells, increases the effective power generation area of the module, and further improves the module capacity density. The module conversion efficiency can reach 21.3%, and the maximum power of the module exceeds 605W+.

Suntech's sophisticated non-destructive cutting process can effectively avoid cut surface damage and realize the optimized three-slice design, which can effectively reduce current consumption and reduce the risk of hot spots. With more cell main grids, the lateral current propagation path is reduced by 50%, which effectively reduces internal losses, while achieving the highest power output while ensuring component reliability. Suntech's upgraded version of high-efficiency welding ribbon, while ensuring the reliability of the welding process between the cells, brings the secondary reflection of light and increases the power generation by 1.57%.

Suntech's specially optimized module structure design has exclusive patents. The weight of the module is about 26.9KG. Compared with mainstream products of the same specification in the market, the weight is reduced by more than 1/5, which is more in line with the handling standard and can reduce the labor cost of the installation end by 15%. It also has super strong mechanical load capacity. When loading +5400/-2400Pa, the maximum stress of the component structure is reduced by 23% compared with the conventional structure design, and the maximum deformation is reduced by 37% compared with the conventional structure, which can effectively avoid the risk of hidden cracks and enhance the component reliability.

Suntech’s original humanized design has achieved unprecedented optimization of component size, maximizing the size of container transportation, and reducing transportation costs by 5% compared with mainstream products of the same power in the market. In addition, Suntech’s Ultra X products are fully compatible with mainstream system designs, with higher terminal compatibility, which can save more than 1.2% of EPC costs, save 4% of land costs, and reduce BOS costs by 2.7%, achieving lower LCOE and winning higher return rate on investment for customers.

Ultra S: Breaking through the unknown S, refreshing a new and efficient experience

Suntech's Ultra S module products use 166mm large-size silicon wafers, with mature half-chip, multi-bus grid technology, mass production power can reach up to 450W, conversion efficiency of 20.6%, and 78 large-format models have been launched simultaneously, with a maximum power exceeding 490W. Higher module power can effectively reduce the installation area of the system, save the cost of manpower and support of the photovoltaic system, and maximize the economic advantage and output power of the photovoltaic system. Taking the 120MW project in southern Australia as an example, the use of Ultra S 450W modules can reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour (LCOE) by more than 6% compared with conventional mono PERC half-cell 375W modules.

Suntech's Ultra S component products have passed IEC certification, and the simultaneous launch of single and double-sided versions have achieved high-performance mass production. The double-sided version can be equipped with a glass back plate or a transparent back plate based on different project types and locations. The direct light from the front of the module and the reflected light and scattered light absorbed by the back are used to greatly increase the power generation of the module. According to different ground conditions, the back side gains Up to 25%. The 30-year power warranty of Suntech double-glass modules can fully guarantee the project income.

In addition, Suntech has launched differentiated component products such as shingled, slotted and cast monocrystalline, which provides more options for the development of the photovoltaic industry's technical route.

Suntech cast single crystal double-sided double glass module adopts 166+ right-angle cast single crystal large-size battery, the conversion efficiency is comparable to conventional single crystal, and it has the cost advantage compared to polycrystalline. With nine main grid technology, the module power can reach 450W; mature The double-sided technology can increase the power generation from the back by up to 25%, and can be matched with the tracking bracket to effectively reduce the cost of electricity.

Suntech shingled modules use conductive glue instead of traditional metal welding ribbons, which greatly reduces the resistivity. At the same time, the main grid-less design reduces the shielding of the cell surface and has a more exquisite appearance; fine non-destructive cutting technology reduces the cell hidden Risk of cracking, the module power can reach 465W.

Suntech slotted components with its unique slotting technology, through non-destructive cutting on the surface of the cell, to reserve a notch for the welding ribbon, fundamentally solve the gap between the cell and the welding ribbon, and prevent the occurrence of welding ribbon during lamination The solar cell cracking problem; Suntech's upgraded high-efficiency ribbon brings more oblique light secondary reflection, power generation increased by 1.57%, module power can reach 415W, and module conversion efficiency reaches 21.3%.

Ultra means "extreme", and discovery is the most "extreme" pursuit. With Suntech’s 20-year heritage, it has created the ultimate reputation; with Suntech’s experience in shipping to 100 countries, it covers all photovoltaic application scenarios worldwide. Behind Suntech, there are rigorous and profound technical accumulations and continuous innovation development capabilities; through continuous study of customer needs, Suntech creates a full range of products that match customer needs with impeccable and rigorous craftsmanship. From the past to the present, from the present to the future, Suntech has always been a clean energy brand that pays the most attention to customer needs with an "extreme" mentality, and uses the sunshine given to us by nature to bring mankind a combination of perfect clean electricity of quality and stability.



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